Performance Equine Questionnaire

Welcome to the Performance Equine Questionnaire. We have designed these questions to help understand your horse’s problems and your concerns about helping your horse improve or recover from issues that possibly involve mineral deficiencies – deficiencies that most supplements do not address.

Performance Equine offers USP grade quality nutritional supplements designed to support competitive horses both physically and mentally. Our drug free products can give your horse a competitive edge naturally. We are so confident that your horse will benefit from our quality products that we offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee!

Our products are formulated based on the latest research to provide maximum effectiveness. They can improve behavior, hoof condition, joint health and overall performance. For instance, our safe and gentle horse calming supplements can help to calm and focus a hyperactive, irritable, or excited horse.

If you have any questions about our horse calming supplements or any of our other natural, effective products, please call us at 707-766-8624.


If your horse is particularly stoic (has a high pain tolerance), works 4 days or more per week and is getting worse with time, not better, or trembles (commonly in knees and flanks), magnesium deficiency may be a problem and can be hard to detect. Often a stoic horse will show only subtle performance/behavior clues. Consultation can be helpful with horses that have these types of problems. Please fill out the questionnaire and call us at your earliest convenience at 707-766-8624.

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