Spring 2018 News From PEN


Spring training can be a tough time for your performance horse. The rigor and demand can take a toll. Our most popular products can help to take the edge off and keep your horse at peak mental and physical health to get the most out of training.


A vital mineral for performance horses to help balance nerve and muscle functions.

Focus Equine

Calming supplement that promotes cooperation, confidence, and helps to reduce stress.

Focus | MagRestore Combo

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MagneSport Balm

All-natural balm by Mg12™ super-charged with MagneSoothe Magnesium Oil™, 9 Essential Oils, and Arnica. Enhances endurance, stops cramps, and soothes sore muscles.


MagneSport Magnesium Oil Roll On

Easy-to-use roll on for active adults by Mg12™ infused with a proprietary blend of Arnica and essential oils for reduced cramping, soothing sore muscles and to enhance endurance.


PEN Magnesium Oil is a topical therapeutic oil that effectively saturates tissues. Absorbed rapidly into the muscles and circulatory system, it’s highly therapeutic and soothing and an effective method of increasing and maintaining magnesium levels as well as being therapeutic in relieving muscle cramping, soreness and post exercise fatigue. Watch the video to learn more:


Our horse, I’m Mint tobe Special, went from being a phenomenal Barrel Horse, running fastest time at the NBHA Florida State Show in 2016, setting arena records at several different pens, to not even being able to lope him without him bucking, HARD!! Started with a “playful” buck and progressed to the point that we were going through Vets and thousands of dollars to try to find out why!!!! Could hardly pick his back feet up to clean them much less shoe him!! He had to many symptoms to put them all down here. He was diagnosed and treated for so many things, oh my gosh, poor guy!!! Then one day my guy that works on our horses, Kit Heidt, was talking to me about him. Couldn’t figure out why he was always so body sore!!! Then bam, he says, wait a minute, I have a few clients that use MagRestore for horses that are like Mint. I called, talked about my issues , ordered it and within a few days he was showing huge improvement in attitude! Within 2 weeks we were riding and loping him again with no buck!! Yesterday we were at a race where he ran, won 3rd with a real nice smooth run!!! I cannot say enough times, thank you, thank you, thank you!!!!

Dodie Ralph

PEN Customer

Video courtesy of Dodie Ralph.
We are always proud to share success stories from customers who use PEN products. We love what we do, and it brings us tremendous joy to know that our quality products are providing value to the performance and well-being of your horses, daily.

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PEN is a proud supporter of Lynn Symansky and her stunning gelding Donner. Here’s a look at their accomplishments in 2017:

Donner is a regimen of PEN MagRestore and Focus Equine to help maintain peak physical and mental condition for the rigors of competition.

2017 Highlights

Donner named EquiRatings Horse of the Year. This was an international competition and Donner was the only horse from the U.S. nominated. Nearly 40,000 votes were cast by eventers across the world and Donner won!
Named to the USEF Elite High Performance Training List (only 6 riders made the team this year out of all of the USA)
Donner finished in 6th place at the Burghley CCI**** in England – the hardest eventing competition in the world.
Top-25 finish at Badminton CCI****
Lynn and Donner finished in 6th place Carolina International CIC*** (53 competitors)
Lynn and RF Cool Play won both the Plantation Field CIC** (55 horses entered) and Virginia CCI**
Donner was named The Chronicle of the Horse Eventing Horse of the Year – the article hasn’t been released yet, but he was chosen as the top event horse in the country for 2017.
Lynn and Donner were members of the gold-medal winning Nation’s Cup Team and second place individually at Great Meadow CIC***


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