Performance Equine Nutrition Videos and Video Testimonials

NRHA amateur rider, Jeanne Levine, talks about the difficulties she faced with her horse, Whizen Thru The Cash, and how MagRestore and Focus Equine became a winning combination to help Jeanne get the most our of her performance horse.
Action video showcasing “Blaze,” an Australian race horse rescued from neglect, that suffered from achy joints, pain and a back that swayed. The video demonstrates the 31-year-old horse moving free and fluidly after being dosed with Flex-EZ Equine.
Video testimonial on Dylan Starlight, a “hot and reactive” 4-year-old horse whose behavior changed dramatically after three weeks on MagRestore.
Video demonstration of theraputic PEN Magnesium Oil and how to apply it, featuring PEN owner Carla Odetto and Trish Eckhoff applying it to her horse, Sailor.
Video testimonial on Calmo, a performance horse that disliked being groomed and hesitated to make his jumps. Since being on PEN products, his personalilty has completely changed. Watch the video to hear about his amazing transformation.
Video testimonial of Ana explaining how her horse trainer recommended meeting with Carla Odetto, owner of PEN, to help determine what might be ailing her horse. Carla knew exactly what the horse needed, and Calmo has been performing well and feeling well, ever since.
Video of “Goose” after being supplemented with MagRestore. It shows his first run back from getting his feet right. He ran the second fastest time against 100 other barrel racers that entered the competition.
Scott Weis, NCHA Hall of Fame Rider, talking about his success with Hip Hip Roo Rey after placing him on MagRestore.