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Press release by Dr. Amy Gill, Ph.D. – Equine Nutritionist writing for The Thoroughbred Times

Pelleted Brewers Yeast Additive Available for All Classes of Horses
By Dr. Amy Gill

A new, completely natural brewers yeast pelleted feed additive named Kombat Boots is now available commercially for feeding to horses. The unique pelleting process used to manufacture Kombat Boots provides an extremely palatable and easy to feed form of brewers yeast. Kombat Boots is composed of 50% brewers yeast and therefore provides 100g of saccharomyces cerevisiae yeast in an 8 oz serving. Brewers yeast is a good source of protein and amino acids for horses and contains many other macro and micro minerals and B complex vitamins.

In the past, numerous scientific studies have demonstrated the beneficial effects of adding yeast to equine diets. Research has shown that adding yeast to the diets of horses can:

  • stimulate and stabilize microbial activity in the hind gut
  • reduce incidence of colic and ulceration by maintaining pH balance through colonization of healthy microbes throughout the digestive tract
  • improve fiber, calcium and phosphorus digestibility
  • improve nutrient composition of milk in lactating mares
  • improve digestibility and feed utilization in young horses and aged horses
  • increase daily gains in growing horses
  • enhance athletic performance by improving aerobic capacity
  • improve the quality of hair, skin and hoof

One of the most significant effects of adding yeast to equine rations is the ability to help stabilize the hindgut (cecum and colon) bacterial populations and as a result, also increases nutrient digestibility. Components of the yeast cell wall prevent the colonization of pathogenic microorganisms in the gut, improve the percentages of useful microorganisms in the intestinal tract, boost immune function and strengthen the structure of the gut wall. Yeast also stimulates the growth of bacteria that utilize lactic acid, which helps to lower lactic acid levels in the hindgut, and increases the numbers of bacteria that are responsible for the fermentation of fiber. A healthy, stable hindgut is imperative for horses to remain in good condition and prevent disorders such as colic, laminitis and other metabolic syndromes. Many performance horses are fed high starch diets (sweet feeds), and these feeds can cause hindgut acidosis (drop in pH), which often dramatically shifts the microbial populations in the hindgut, causing a disturbance. When this happens, the entire hindgut environment is negatively affected, and the products of microbial fermentation (volatile fatty acids, ammonia, lactic acid) are produced in different proportions and concentrations than what is considered normal. Colic and laminitis can follow an episode of acidosis, and this may be occurring on a sub clinical level in certain individuals every time they are fed a meal high in starch. Studies have shown that when yeast is added to the ration it can help prevent rapid changes in the intestinal ecosystem when high starch diets are fed.

Feeding yeast also enhances the activity of fiber digesting bacteria in the hindgut and increases fiber digestibility. Therefore, more efficient use of the vitamins and minerals derived from the forage portion of the diet is noted when horses are maintained on a diet containing supplemental yeast. This is particularly important in the growing horse because calcium and phosphorus are essential dietary minerals needed for proper bone development. Adding yeast to the rations of growing horses also increases nutrient digestibility, which results in higher daily gains.

Some of the phosphorus found in forages is bound to the plant fiber in the form of phytin phosphorus and is not readily digested and absorbed by the horse. Research studies have shown that there is a 20 percent increase in phosphorus availability when yeast is added to the diet. Yeast stimulates the hindgut bacteria to produce the enzyme phytase, which acts to break down the bond between the fiber and the phytin phosphorus, making it readily absorbable from the hindgut.

Lactating mares fed yeast have higher concentrations of sugars, lipids, total proteins, gross energy and amino acids in their milk and their foals have higher average daily gains due to increased availability of nutrients. Supplemented mares also produce more milk, and foals from supplemented mares grew much faster than foals on non-supplemented mares during their first 4 weeks of life.

Older horses will benefit directly from the addition of yeast due to increased fiber digestion and phosphorus absorption from the large intestine, which commonly deteriorates and loses some absorptive capacity due to aging.

Horses in training appear to benefit when being fed a diet with yeast culture, with lower blood lactate levels before and during exercise, and faster clearance of lactate from the blood following exercise than horses not fed yeast. Supplemented horses also had slower heart rates during exercise, indicating an enhanced athletic fitness level. These results indicate that horses fed yeast have less reliance on glycogen during exercise to provide glucose, as a direct result of better utilization of energy produced from volatile fatty acids (VFA’s). VFA’s are one of the products of microbial fermentation that the horse can utilize for energy production. Enhanced volatile VFA production appears to exert a carbohydrate-sparing effect in the exercising horse.

Kombat Boots is economical to feed – a yearling or older can be maintained on this product for under $50 a month.

Kombat Boot Instructions

How much do I feed?

We recommend a daily ratio of 1 gram of yeast for every 10 lbs. of horse. For example: a 1000 lb. horse should be fed 100 grams of yeast daily. This is equivalent to two 4 oz scoops per day. There is no need to change your present feeding program. Kombat Boots will simply make whatever you feed more digestible. Please read the How Do I Feed section concerning foals and yearlings. See the back of the bag for feeding directions for each type of horse.

How do I feed?

Kombat Boots is a yeast pellet. It will increase the digestive efficiency of the horse. All of us like to grow our foals and yearlings as much and as fast as possible. In doing this, we sometimes feed too much high-energy hay and grain and overuse supplements and steroids. This runs the risk of Epiphysitis or OCD’s. Feeding Kombat Boots on top of a high risk diet is absolutely NOT recommended. Please see the study by Ciro (1991) referred to in the science section. The best way to grow young horses is to feed them normally, forget the supplements, and add Kombat Boots to their diet. They will develop naturally and have few if any “growing” problems.


Back of Kombat Boots Bag
Brewers Dried Grain, Brewers Dried Yeast, Natural and Artificial Flavors


Feeding Directions (4oz scoop inside bag or bucket)
1 scoop
per horse per day
Smaller Breeds
1 scoop
per horse per day
Yearlings & Older
2 scoops
per horse per day
Lactating Mares
2 scoops
per horse per day
4 scoops
per horse per day

Feed daily dosage in two separate feedings. At 2 scoops (8oz.) per day, a 20lb. bag/bucket will last 1 horse 40 days. The right dosage must be used for the product to work.   Monthly cost for Kombat Boots is under $50.



Kombat Boots is not a feed or a vitamin or mineral or amino acid supplement.  It is an all natural yeast, top dress digestive aid.  It boosts the horse’s digestion by eliminating oxygen in the intestines.  This allows the beneficial bacteria that need an oxygen-free environment to flourish and break down food nutrients so that more gets into the horse’s cells.  More nutrition into the cells equals faster hoof growth, better muscle growth, healthy skin and hair, and a need for less grain to produce the same weight gains on a horse.  The crude protein content is extremely minimal. Each pound contains 28% protein, equivalent to 1.12oz. of crude protein per 8oz. – an amount which will not affect your horse’s current feeding program.  As outlined on the bag above, the yeast also delivers naturally occurring biotin and minerals, as its cell walls break down in the digestive tract, helping to keep your horse healthy.


Kombat Boots success Stories

Before Kombat Boots


At 3 months on Kombat Boots


“Drifter is a 9 year old registered Quarter Horse. He has been plagued with white line disease but is now growing a lot of hoof thanks to the Kombat Boots. He has really come a long way!! My farrier Steve and I just can’t believe the amount of growth that Drifter has in the short period of time he has been on Kombat Boots. In probably another two or three shoeings he should be completely grown out. Thanks again for everything!!!!”

Owner Dawn Smith, FL

Before Kombat Boots
At 3 months on Kombat Boots


“This horse is proof that Kombat Boots works!! Nothing else did it for him. I really don’t know what I would have done without this product. I had already spent quite a bit of money trying to figure out what his problem was. Needless to say he will stay on Kombat Boots for as long as he stays on our farm. We have several other horses on our farm that are on KB for hoof issues. It really is working for hoof growth. It is making some of our not so desirable hooves very pliable, with a stronger wall. if I had stopped at the first month…well where would Bou be? It really does work all the time.”

Farrier Cindy Lowe, DE

“It is a great product! My Arab mare finally has a mane and tail! After years of scratching it off every summer, this year it is growing and she isn’t scratching. She is also growing lots of foot in the front. She has very thin soles and has had several episodes of lameness due to this issue. But in the last few months she has had no problems and her feet really grow faster.”

Kitty Philips Sr. Consultant Professional Services Lender Processing Services, Inc.

“I started the farm’s two worst looking yearlings on the Kombat Boots a month and a half before Keeneland. By the start of the sale, they were the two best looking yearlings we had. The hoof growth, coat, weight, muscle tone and just everything in general was phenomenal. Everything they said to do, it did. We are very pleased with the product.”

Juan Rodriguez
Chanteclair Farm – Midway Kentucky

A Big Congratulations…

“Kombat Boots is the best feed additive I have ever used. I prepped some of my two-year-old pin hooks with this and saw incredible hoof growth and strengthening, gorgeous coats and remarkable muscle definition, without using any other supplements or additives. The two-year-olds on Kombat Boots were the best looking youngsters in my barn of over 100. I am now feeding Kombat Boots to all of my sale yearlings. This is the best product I have fed to my horses in twenty years.”

Gayle Woods
Thoroughbred Trainer
Ocala, Florida

“I gave both bags to a walking horse trainer to feed a horse that we had been having trouble with his feet. He don’t grow any foot at all and his walls are very thin for a walking horse. Every time we would reset his pads, he would be lame for 2-3 weeks. The lameness was not from close nails or sole pressure but just from terrible feet. No wall, no sole, shelly walls, etc.

They fed him both bags and I reset him 3 weeks ago and his feet had grown more than I had ever saw. I trimmed approx. 1/2 inch of wall and his soles weren’t bruised as normal. I was amazed. He did not go lame after being shod either.

I tried to get the trainer to call you and order more for this horse but I don’t think he did.

I will tell him again because I think you have a good product.”

Darrell Haynes

“I think he has about 1/2 a bag or a little less left. Sorry, I didn’t take before and after pictures. I really didn’t expect to see this kind of difference. You know how it is, all these products on the market make all the claims to cure anything that can happen to a horse, so I really didn’t expect to see this much difference.”


“The bags I picked up at the clinic are almost gone – its a wonderful product. Can you send me a price list? I would like to keep it on hand as several horses here need it. One mare had most of her front hoof debrided due to white line. In several months its almost back to touching the shoe again. Another gelding came in recently with many leg/hoof problems and I think its helped him as well. His farrier mentioned that he’s not seen a heel come on as quickly as this one has.”

Patti McFarland
RunAround Ranch

“Sorry I haven’t returned your calls but I have been busy. The first horse that I started on Kombat Boots is improving well. Almost all of his cracks are going away from the start. He use to loose shoes a lot but hasn’t lost one since starting Combat Boots. The owner has already ordered some more from you and is feeding it to another horse to help him put on some weight. The other horse started it about three weeks ago and I will be seeing him soon so I will see his progress.

This is the only supplement where the results are dramatic enough to see.” Mark

“I am a skeptic about most farrier supplements because most don’t work but, so far this seems to be working. It has been 6 weeks since we started a donkey on kb, it had white line disease all the way to the coronary band. We have been treating with all kinds of white line products but it was unresponsive. Now that we are giving it kb it grew down new growth about a quarter of the way. I will let you know if it does continue to grow or if it was just coincidence.

Until the next 6 weeks.”


Hi, Cole.

“Took me awhile to start using the two bags you were generous enough to let me try. I am about half way through the supply with daily doses to my two “unemployed” horses. I have noticed their feet have improved significantly. Chronic cracks in my quarter horse have diminished and the hooves on my thoroughbred appear to be holding their shape better than normal. These guys get trimmed every now and then. They have been over due for awhile, but their feet look strong. I have been talking to my clients about Kombat and have generated some interest.

If you plan to be in Cincinnati, I’ll see you there. If not, I’ll keep you posted on the continued progress.”

Best to you,


“Thanks for your inquiry concerning my mare.She is doing great,has back shoes off and front still has shoes.The front are growing out very well. I took pictures at beginning and am going to take more now.She can now go out into dry lot and she appears to feel great.She goes back to the clinic the 24 th of this month for trim.They are really surprised at her progress and well pleased with it.She was really in bad shape.

My farrier who comes to do horses at my home is trying the Combat Boots on his horses. I had given him info when mine was on it for awhile.

I finished up what I had bought,so hope to be able to order more in about 3 weeks.

Again thanks so much for your e-mail.”

Bonnie West